three new poems

A few things from December, January and the past few weeks. The first two are untitled, the third one, 'effect of landing' is a pdf HERE. Enjoy x

dogharp leading, dole out 
vista. cyclone spirit of M road.
hermost valley is burnpoint 
expecting larch, expecting I
in ton of lighting. shakespeard
beech engine (dove croft
becoming fugue) pilots trout &
this course undercuts think of origin.
raisers needing bind, but copt out
(Bes the sculptor, sacred mudlark)
4.55 – all cold – don’t know
what to when I orient rain lapse
(unwickt & weatherd).   
carol or creed that, songish tint   

to write frost, wen
icon other.
let it claim tables
let it alone.
write frost, charm
vision this
when less
openly infer
walk, cross
the damage you gave
is shook.
near it.
with frost
this shape
think on it, wheel.