Halfcircle 4

Two of my poems, 'utterance song' and 'wulf ode', are published in Halfcircle 4 with work from:

Sofia Stevi, Peter Manson, Jennifer Cooke, Ian Heames*, John Ashbery, Ed Luker, Linus Slug, Elizabeth Willis, Anatol Knotek, Juha Virtanen, John DeWitt, Connie Scozzaro, Alice Notley, Luke McMullan, Posie Rider, Leanne Bridgewater, Simon Jarvis, Caitlin Doherty, Peter Gizzi, Sean Bonney, SJ Fowler, Sophie Seita, Adam Weg, Mike Wallace-Hadrill*, Marianne Morris, nick-e melville, Pocahontas Mildew-Hind, Caroline Bergvall, bruno neiva, Nat Raha, David Grundy, Josh Stanley, Matthias Regan, Frances Kruk & Steve Willey

You can get copies here:

Many thanks to Tom Graham 



'returnsongs' publication

My first collection returnsongs is published this month in the Wide Range chapbook series, edited by John Kinsella and funded by the Judith E Wilson fund, Cambridge University. The chapbook is made up of work written over the last six months, including the 'returnsong' sequence, plus a few poems from longer ago.  These build upon the idea of material or sensory aggregation within the page field,  where discreet units of utterance can infer networks of sense, narrative, scape. 

The first print run is limited to a hundred copies: if you'd like a copy/ copies but are unlikely to see me in person, get in touch with your details and I can post them to you. Leave a message here or email me at rowan.p.evans@googlemail.com. 

Sample poems below


cover photo: Samuel Cowan Say

from invocation

come the mudded, come
                  great aggregator 
am  bowl    lordall   fluid owl
pass caught in gyro wind
starling floors 
her godcaked mouth

            dawns not in focus 

                         growing upward atria  

                                                            :the back we walk is a cooling unit.
planet initiate wander

                              i slept albions ago
herdmother worked
                                    from clove foot 

                                            road floor intersects
become   clarion    Birdly
                                     in the drome head open lids
demilune/  gusher/  lud

utterance song


above i forgotten bird

fed points of correlation

today too thin-blooded

cannot hold to sun

tether to my waist in the market

with hands peach-stone limbs

here new litters of rain

make air audible

vermillion speakable

above i forgotten bird


for David

this eddies, we inhabit

in infinite space it's

ok to grow our hair

matter colour monochrome

in woodland a library of drystone

won't widen the distance

now perpetual nor

a lake unkit above.

lay edged the mendip tide & you

have moved a hand through water