freak red

liberty & free movement
between the polis & the wood,
what is that
                         we'll have
had reasons & 
chronicles, civic as
animal & walls
           rabid with toadflax

freak red is published by Projective Industries in a numbered edition of 120 printed in Chicago, July and August 2015. The book is available to purchase from http://www.projectiveindustries.com.

"Human speaks fox, fox speaks fox, fox unspeaks human? This is not minimalist per se, it's expansive. Rowan Evans takes an intensity of encounter with urban place and focuses it through fox-person before projecting it brilliantly on the screen of the page. What we see are tight units of signs, what we hear are bursts and barks of sound, but behind these are vast histories of utterance, of connection with animals venturing close to human settlement, reclaiming human-claimed space. Rebuilding. Being present. The fox isn't fable, it's actual. Fox is fox. And the human observer is translating from both the real and fabulous. There are tomes of work and experience in this 'small' wonder writ large. Almost nothing more needs be said. Exquisite, haunting, necessary." – John Kinsella